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Donnie Solomon

I remember as a child my parents owning a Polaroid Land Camera. It always amazed me the way it unfolded and expanded with the bellows opening up. My parents kept it in a hall closet and used it for special family events or vacations. Then my older brother got a Polaroid Swinger Camera. I thought it was the coolest thing! An inexpensive Instamatic camera and my brother owned it! I was so jealous.

Those experiences and others started my interest in photography. In the mid-seventies, I started my savings and quest for a 35mm SLR camera, before long I was the PROUD owner a Pentax K1000. At the time this was a very popular budget minded SLR camera.

At that time, unlike today, it was uncommon for someone to own a SLR camera unless they made a living as a photographer, but I did and thus began my exploration of photography. I signed up for a beginner photography class and learned all about f-Stops, Shutter Speed, ISO, Rule of Thirds, etc.. This class was followed with another class on Beginner Darkroom. Then another class followed by yet another, Photography was rapidly becoming a Passion.

In the 35 years since I first picked up the Pentax K1000 I’ve owned a lot of cameras and shot thousands and thousands of photographs. I’ve shot weddings, sporting events, concerts, commercial projects, portraits, conferences, thousands of automobiles and lots of car shows. I've been published in several national Automotive Magazines. Photography has recorded my life as well as being a large part of it.

Today I shoot with a Nikon DSLR that is Light-years ahead of that K1000 I started with, but I’m so glad that I started with an All Manual Camera. That K1000 taught me a lot about photography the average new user today will never understand.

I invite you to enjoy some of my work and of course I would love to record your next moment in time!
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